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Claudia Wolf


Full-time illustration, graphic design, web design and art direction.

C.W. Designs, Inc. Incorporated with partner to form advertising and illustration studio, handling all aspects of advertising and design, specializing in illustration, graphic design and concept. Working solo since circa 1990 accomplishing all of the above, with a focus on illustration.

Graphic Artist

Works with advertising agencies, retail and corporate customers. Projects consist of product, fashion, advertising, and editorial illustration. Experienced in concept, layout, design, digital and manual illustration and storyboard as well as copywriting. Works with Quark, Illustrator, Image Ready, Go Live, Dreamweaver and excels at Photoshop and especially Painter. Scanning and digital retouching also a specialty. Talented with the Wacom tablet, a computer drawing tool. First artist to work on the digital tablet as court room sketch artist. Has sketched important trials such as the Michael Ross trial and the Steven Hayes Trial.

Works with publishers and art directors in many styles, such as tight realism, air brush, stylized, cartoony, painterly and funky. Art can be accomplished digitally as well as manually.Finds it a challenge to work under pressure and has been known to accomplish up to 30 illustrations in 5 days

Paier College of Art, Hamden, Ct. Certification for four year program, majoring in illustration. Awarded 1st prize for the coveted "Major Painting Award" and was honored to be in the "Society of Illustrators Show" while still a student at Paier.

Photography, both digital and traditional, sketching, painting large, clothing design, crafts, airbrush, sculpture, card design and jewelry design. Other interests include boating ,beaching, swimming and collecting.

Client List
ABC News
Adams Media
A Family Chiropractic
Alfa One
Alto Basso Restaurant
Archie Moore's
Associated Press International
Bartlett Tree
Beacon Travel Agency
Biller Associates
Bright Sky Press
Brothers Agency
Capstone Press
Compass Point Books
Cott Soda
Club Shop
CNN America
CNN National


Client List continued
Derby Savings Bank
Deskey Design Associates
Dr. Richard Lubell Obstetrics and Gynocology
Dr. James Lyons Plastic Surgery
Etonic Sportswear
FCW Government Trade Magazine
Fox News
Fuzzy Posters

First Business Investments
Forrests in Focus

General ReInsurance
Gilles Thibault Photos
Grand Light and Supply
Gregg Wolf Silversmith
Grey Advertising
Harper Collins

Harston Jewelers
Hello Boutique
Humphrey's Restaurants
InContext Publishing
Industrial Acceptance Corp.
IN Session /Court TV

JCC of New Haven
Journey Stone Creations
Liz Claiborne
Mascola Advertising
Mason and Madison Advertising
May Coat Company
Mega Brands
Meredith Corporation
McLaughlin, Delvecchio and Casey Advertising
Melotti Music
Meredith Corporation
Micheal Bolton
Neighborhood Place
Network News Service

New Air Tech
New England Cable Network
New Haven Board of Education
New Haven Chiropractic Group
New Haven Savings Bank
Paul and Company Salon
Perceptions Photo
Picture Window Books
Richard Penna Salon
Saybrook Family Dental Care
Sally Jesse Raphael
Shermans Tavern
Shoe and She
Spots on the Spot
The New York Post
The Beachead
Turner Broadcasting
Vals Formal Wear
Vermont Teddy Bear/ Pajama Gram
Waterbury Republican
Whitney Winery
Winchester Firearms
Zondervan Publishing

Art and Design can also be viewed at http://www.images.com, go to Spots on the Spot, then to artist, Claudia Wolf,